21410 Hwy 18, Bag 30
Thorhild, AB   T0A 3J0
Phone: 780-398-3610
Fax: 780-398-3838

Mission Statement: At Thorhild Central School, we value learning for all and are dedicated to creating a community built on mutual respect and open communication. We foster collaboration and teamwork, are guided by empathy and compassion, and encourage each other to live our core values, which include integrity, honesty, trust, creativity, and innovation.

Vision Statement: We envision TCS as a connected diverse community that fosters learning, wellness, joy, and celebration. TCS is a positive place where everyone has a voice and realizes their potential.

Thorhild Central Fast Facts

  • Offers Kindergarten to Grade 12
  • Great Beginnings program
  • 290 students
  • Opened in September 1969

Staff List

Carson, Kim - Principal
Shelast, Joe - Assistant Principal
Administrative Assistants
Melnyk, Donna - Secretary
Polak, Tracey - Business Manager
Support Staff
Auger, Melodie - FNMI Learning Facilitator
Fredericksen, Shirley - Cafeteria
Gulinsky, Tracy - Virtual Coordinator
Taylor, Bev - Librarian
Tobias, Janice - Cafeteria
Bratt, Alyssa - Math 6, LA 6, Music & Drama 2-6
Carson, Kim - PE 6
Dyck, Alysha - Grade 1/2
Evans, Elizabeth - 7/8 Math, 7/8 Science, HS/JH Foods
Feledichuk, Kelly - On leave
Gabbey, Christina - Grade 2
Gross, Justin - Chemistry, HS Math, Physics, HS STEM, Science 6
Gross, Lindsay - HS English Language Arts, JH Art
Hennessey, Megan - Grade 1
Kiselyk, Shaun - Biology, JH/HS Drama, PE, HS Math
Kuzik, Darlene - Grade 3
Murphy, Tara - On leave
Pawlik, Rhonda - Inclusive Education, Literacy
Price, Anthony - Social Studies (9-12), JH/HS Outdoor Ed, Wildlife
Rosichuk, Betty - Grade 4
Rutherford, William - JH/HS Math, Science, JH Photography, Film Studies
Scharff, Tegan - Kindergarten
Schroter, Danelee - LA 8, 6/8 Social Studies, JH PE, 6/7 Computers
Shelast, Joe - Work Experience, Green Certificate, RAP
Williams, Charlotte - Grade 5

Important Contact Numbers

Contact Name Description Number Email
Lisa Lloyd School Council Chair (2017-2018) 780-398-2287 tcscouncil@gmail.com
Kristy Krause TEAM Chair (2017-2018) 780-206-8010