Mr. Price bikes to support Junior High Outdoor Education!

My name is Anthony Price and I am the Junior High Outdoor Ed teacher at Thorhild Central School. This is my second year teaching the program, and I hope to continue to build it in new and exciting ways.

Last year, my students and I were able to raise money through Alberta’s Highway Clean-Up campaign in order to take them to HeLa Ventures in Rocky Mountain House, where they learned basic canoe skills and experienced rappelling for the first time next to Crescent Falls. They also got the opportunity to rock climb at Vertically Inclined in Edmonton.

This year, interest in the course has grown and my class is up to 28. Unfortunately, even with our fundraising last year, cost was still a barrier for students to participate in these trips. As well, due to scheduling, our Highway Clean-Up won’t come around in time for these students to use that as a fundraiser again. 

So here’s my plan. I will ride my bike the equal distance to what my Junior High Outdoor Ed Class will be travelling this semester for outdoor excursions: 1,225 km. I plan on doing it by riding to and from work (Redwater to Thorhild) as many times as possible from now until the snow flies. The distance from my home to the school is almost exactly 30 km, so this endeavor should take me 21 days to complete. As I write this, I’ve already completed the ride five times, which gives me 300 km under my belt. 

My ultimate goal for this campaign is to inspire my students by providing them the opportunity to get outside and experience the outdoors. Money shouldn’t be the barrier to whether they get to experience nature, and I believe this is just one small way I can help eliminate that barrier. 

If you would like to contribute to my campaign, please donate what you can. My ultimate goal is to make each trip free and to begin to build a budget for the program for future years. I hope to raise $5,000, so if you think this is a worthy cause, please donate!

The best way to donate is through ATB Cares, which will match 15% of each donation! Just follow this link for Aspen View Regional Division #19 on ATB Cares, and click on ‘Choose This Cause’. Enter the amount you wish to donate, and the matching amount will be automatically calculated and added. Then, just click on ‘Make Donation’ and enter your tax receipt information. Donations can be made via VISA or MasterCard, and you will provided with an official tax receipt to download.

If you prefer, donations can also be made at the Thorhild Central School Office.