Get Involved

 Ways Parents/Guardians/Community Members can Volunteer at TCS!!

  1. MANAGE PAPERWORK- Scholastic book orders, fundraising forms, archery info.
  2. BE KNEADY- Make playdough, donate or gather items for science & art classes.
  3. SHOP IN BULK- Check with Parent Council or TEAM for items needed for upcoming events, purchase the products and be reimbursed!
  4. GATHER GAMES- Recycle gently used games to use at TCS.
  5. PHOTOS FOR YEARBOOK- If you attend an event ask if you can use the school camera and catch some kids in action.
  6. PITCH IN- Pay attention to notes that ask for volunteers for a variety of things.
  7. SHARE YOUR OCD TENDENCIES- Offer to clean-up or wash down toys, desks, fish tanks, or hang art work.
  8. SHOW OFF YOUR JOB- Come in and talk to the students about your cool job.
  9. LEND YOUR HANDS- Pancake cookers, dishwashers, bingo helpers, money counters.
  10. SERVE LUNCH OR SUPPER- Lend a hand in the cafeteria during lunch hour, breakfast or an after school event.
  11. SHELVE BOOKS- Check if the librarian needs a hand with the book fair or Canlit books.
  12. TRAFFIC PATROL- Don a fluorescent vest and make sure kids are safe in the am & pm.*
  13. PREP A PROJECT- Offer to help out with a class project or party.
  14. BE A READING BUDDY- Read to students.
  15. DIG IN YOUR GREEN THUMBS- Offer to help with gardening projects.*
  16. JOIN THE COUNCIL- Become a board Member or just an occasional drop in member.  Offer new ideas and support.
  17. OFFER YOU INSIGHT- Give TEAM & Parent Council fed back on activities and events that take place.
  18. GOT CONNECTIONS- Do you have a knack with writing grant applications, have great business contacts, share them to gain support for funds.
  19. HELP WITH TESTS- Assist with supervision of tests or reading tests to those with a learning disability.*
  20. GET OUTSIDE- Take part in recess activities, lead a walking group to and from town.*
  21. GOT AN IDEA, PITCH IT- New ideas and projects are always welcome.
  22. BLOW A WHISTLE- Help out with extra-curricular activities (volleyball, basketball, archery, badminton, slow pitch, soccer, games night).*
  23. GET BEHIND THE WHEEL- Drive the white buses for fieldtrips, school sports, physical education class.**

*a criminal record check needs to be on file at TCS to perform these activities

**a valid class 4 is required and there is paperwork through the school to complete

If any of the above activities appeal to you, please contact April Bauer 780-398-2537 or Carmen Ewasiw 780-307-4460 and we can put you in touch with a staff liaison for that activity.

Thank you for your time!!