Principal's Message

Principal’s Message from Bulldog Bulletin - October 6, 2017

Many families are busy harvesting and we hope the weather continues to cooperate to make this year successful.

Each year, the staff works together to develop an action plan for school improvement. This school year, we are focusing on three key areas to improve student learning.
1.Developing a Healthy Community within the school which focuses on positive well-being,
self regulation, and physical literacy.
2.Increasing student reading numeracy, and writing skills.
3.Increasing staff’s foundational knowledge about First Nation, Metis and Inuit.

Over the course of the school year, staff will be engaged in various school based professional de-velopment, conferences, and workshops to support each of these goals. Last month we participat-ed in a school based session to support staff in increasing their foundational knowledge about First Nation, Metis, and Inuit students. This informative session provided staff with some historical infor-mation to increase understanding and resources to access for further inquiry. We will be following up with another session on this topic later in the school year.

This month we will are attending a session on mental health. Increasing staff awareness and un-derstanding of mental health concerns facing our children and youth, will aid in supporting stu-dents. It is just as important to teach children to regulate their emotions, thoughts and behavior as it is other skills. Self-regulation is an important skill for children to develop. Kids with good self-regulation can pay attention to classroom activities and ignore distractions, remember the teacher’s directions long enough to carry out a task and resist impulses. All of these skills may give them an advantage to succeed in school. Accessing these tools will help us to promote a healthy learning environment to support our children and youth.

The last key area is on increasing literacy, numeracy, and writing skills. Language arts teachers are continuing to support students with their reading comprehension and fluency by incorporating the readers workshop model in their classrooms. This model targets specific learning outcomes, provides students with guided practice at their level, and allows teachers to provide direct instruc-tion to small groups of students. To support the writing components, teachers have adopted a sim-ilar model using writers workshop. This approach enables teachers to support students with spe-cific writing strategies to improve their skills. Through guided and purposeful practice, students are examining ways to enhance their written communication skills. In mathematics, we are examining our past mathematical results and identifying ways we can adjust our instructional practices to sup-port our students. Teachers are researching best practices and incorporating these ideas into their lessons. Parents are encouraged to talk to their child’s teacher regarding ways they can help their children at home with their reading, writing, and mathematic knowledge and skills.

If you have any questions about the areas we are concentrating on this year or if you have any ad-ditional ideas on ways we can enhance these topics, please do not hesitate to contact me at the school. Parental feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

Yours in education,

Mrs. K. Carson