Principals Report March 2019

Principal's Report March 2019Principal's Report March 2019



Spring is upon us. With the warmer temperatures comes the arrival of wet playing fields and playground spaces. Our younger students are encouraged to have an extra pair of clothes in their backpacks in the event of a mud puddle attack. There are a limited number of styles of rubber boots that can be purchased. To assist with any confusion, please ensure that your child’s name is written on the inside of their boots. Show them where you have written their name so that they too can check before they slip on a pair of boots for outdoor play or heading home at the end of the day. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Parent Teacher Interviews and Clothing Swap

Parent teacher interviews are scheduled for April 11 from 3:30 – 9:30 with a supper break from 6:00 – 6:30. Please watch for an online link to select a time that will work for your family. Students are certainly encouraged to come to the interview with parents so that they are part of the conversation. On this night, TCS will be hosting a gently used clothing swap. Children grow quickly and many items they have are in excellent used condition. If you have some items that you would like to donate, please put your clean items in a garbage bag or box. Label the bag with the size of clothing and deliver them to the school by Wednesday, April 10. The clothing items will be on display in the back half of the gymnasium and all parents are encouraged to select items your family will use. Since we are a PK – 12 school, all sizes will be welcomed. At the end of the evening, all remaining items will be boxed up and donated. If you have a chance, do some spring cleaning and gather up the clothing items your children no longer wear because they have outgrown them. This program is an excellent way to recycle clothes and show our children that there is nothing wrong with wearing hand me downs.


Attendance is an important factor in student success. Over the next several weeks, TCS will be piloting an attendance blitz for our K- 6 students. Students will receive incentive awards for perfect attendance. Further details of the piloted attendance program will be discussed with the students and distributed through family email.

Purdy’s Chocolate and Bingo Fundraisers

The International Travel Club has started their fundraising campaign to help offset the cost of their trip. The group is thankful to have TEAM as the treasurer for all of our events. The first campaign is a Purdy’s Chocolate fundraiser. All orders need to be in by April 3. The club is also hosting a Spring Turkey Bingo on May 10 at Thorhild Community Center. In the past, TCS has been fortunate to have excellent community support for all of our fundraising events. We are grateful for the community engagement. The bingo is organized as a family event for all ages. We hope to see you there!


Reading each night to increase fluency and comprehension is one important role a parent plays in the success of their child’s reading development. Repeated practice helps to reinforce skills and build confident readers. Teachers have been examining their student’s levels, areas to develop, and strategies to support learners. A take home reading program is being developed for our elementary students. With the support of parents, we are confident students are going to be excited about participating in the take home program. The team of staff coordinating this program will forward details to students and families after Spring Break. Let’s continue to work together to show children the value of reading.


Here are a few reading tips you might want to explore with your child at home over the coming weeks:

Expose your child to a wide variety of texts including books, magazines, newspapers, comics.

Encourage your child to talk about books and reading with other family members.

Read in a comfortable place.

Encourage reading to younger students by having them turn pages, hold the book, reading remembered bits, and predicting words that might come next.

Draw attention to the pictures.

Sometimes, point to the words as you read.

Talk about the characters and events in the book.

Encourage and praise your child’s reading attempts.

Encourage your child to express opinions about text.

Stop and Think Questions

Tell me what you just read

Are any parts you do not understand?

What might the next part be about?

Do you have any questions?

We wish all of our families an enjoyable and safe Spring Break. Head outdoors and enjoy the beautiful spring weather.

Kim Carson


Thorhild Central School





March, 2019