School Start Program-School Supplies

School Start School SuppliesSchool Start School Supplies

School Council & TEAM are working together to make things easier for parents to get the kids ready for the next school year. Here are 2 ways to make it easier so that you can enjoy your summer with the family instead of shopping for school supplies. 


First, log into


From this link you can order all your child's school supplies for the up coming school year. They will be delivered in a reusable bag tagged with their name on it. It will be delivered to the school & waiting for them on the first day of school. This is in place for all grades, Great Beginnings to Grade 12. From each order TCS will receive $5.00 from School Start. 


Second, log into


TEAM is helping us label all those school supplies. Log into Mabel's Labels to pick & customize your child's labels so school supplies, runners, clothing, water bottles, etc. will be found & returned to your child. This will help to keep the lost & found table empty or nearly empty. This is a fundraiser for TEAM, but we are working hard to make things easier for parents.