National Archery in Schools (NASP)

National Archery in Schools (NASP)

Thorhild Central School (TCS) will be continuing to participate in the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP). 

Our Archery Team is looking for company sponsorship. The company name will be placed on the TCS Archery Team shirts that the students keep each year. It's GREAT advertising! 

Archery season begins  January 15, 2018 and runs until the end of March.

Practices are on Monday or Thursday from 3:30 - 5:00 PM starting January 15, 2018.


Get information for TCS Archery Club right on your phone - not on handouts. Click here to sign up for important updates from Mrs. Gabbey through "Remind".

Please return the last  two pages of the Archery Registration Package to Mrs. Gabbey or the School Office.

The TCS archery team would like to welcome you to participate and help form our team for the upcoming season. We are asking all interested students from grades 4-12 to fill out the application on the last pages of the registration package. No previous archery experience is needed to join the program.   

We would like to remind you that this is to be a fun and enjoyable learning experience for all. Even though this is called a competition, all students should realize that scores are not the most important component of this experience. If students are considering not taking this program because they are worried about how they shoot, reassure them that scores do not matter. The most important thing is that students are trying something new and are working towards their own personal goals.

Dedicated students will have the opportunity to attend local tournaments in Edmonton, Smoky Lake and Aspen View Regional held at TCS.

In order to be eligible to participate in these tournaments students must regularly attend practices.

Cost of NASP Program

  •  $80 per student
    • Includes our team T-shirt and registration for National and Regional Tournaments
  • Additional fees may arise throughout the season for tournament entry and transportation


Mrs. Christina Gabbey    Mrs. Betty Rosichuk      Mrs. Beth Evans   Mr. Anthony Price                            

Practice Times

  • Practices will begin in January, 2018.
  • Practice days will be after school on Monday and Thursday in the TCS Gymnasium.
  • All students are required to help set up and take down archery materials in the gym each practice.

Please choose a practice night that best suits your family – either Mondays OR Thursdays after school.  Only 1 night per week for student practice. 

Archery Leadership

This year our Archery program will be mixed age grouping.  Our intent is for older students to mentor and assist younger students through the archery practice.  Older students are expected to be positive leaders, mentors and role models for our younger students.

All students are expected to be leaders of their own learning and demonstrate positive leadership and presentation.  Our program is an inclusive program that respects all participants within a safe learning environment.  Any students that are not able to be professional, respectful, safe, and focused during archery practices will be asked to leave the practice. 

Archery Equipment

The school has all the necessary equipment for the students to participate in the Archery program. All students must use NASP equipment to compete in this program.  This includes Mathews Genesis bows and specific arrows. This is standard throughout the entire International NASP program.   Students may purchase this equipment for themselves.   Contact Mrs. Gabbey for more info. 

Volunteers Needed

Our program is growing!  So we need a few more hands to ensure an efficient Archery Season.

  • Archery Coaches
    • All coaches need to be NASP trained.  We would be willing to cover all costs associated with attending a 1 day training workshop.
  • Communications
    • This individual/s would be responsible for drafting communications/notes to parents about upcoming events and ensuring that everyone is in “the loop” with regards to practice time etc.

** Please note that all volunteers need to have a criminal record check.   These are available through the RCMP.